Industry survey shows 56% of landlords have rent arrears due to covid.


Over half of landlords in England lose rental income due to Covid-19.

More than half of private landlords in England have lost rental income as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, according to new research published today. 

Interim findings from the National Residential Landlords Association survey have found that 56% of landlords had lost rental income as a result of the pandemic.

Of all those who had lost rental income, 22% had lost more than £5,000 and 59% had lost more than £1,000, with 36% saying the losses are continuing to increase. 


Commenting on the results, Connor McCann from Omarentals said:

"There are major rent arrears within the Private rental sector throughout the U.K. and Ireland. Landlords, as well as tenants are facing considerable problems and a period of uncertainty.  The ongoing pandemic is creating many casualties within all sectors, not just on the high street.

Omarentals are pleased to report to our landlords that less than 2% of tenants under Omarentals management are in arrears."


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